• Battling Bartonellosis

Emerging concern- Veterinary Professionals:

Updated: Apr 13

[Updated 2/11/2021] Potential exposure to zoonotic disease is an inherent risk in veterinary medicine. We are exposed to a multitude of different vectors, reservoir hosts, animal species and infectious disease.

Mounting research has shown the emerging concern and higher prevalence of Bartonellosis and Chronic Bacteremia in veterinary professionals, wildlife workers and farmers.

If you work with animals, you are at higher risk for Bartonella exposure.

There are too many of us who suffer from vague inflammatory conditions, fibromyalgia like symptoms, complex pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, light sensitivity, dizziness, atypical auto-immune and MS like disease...you probably personally know someone struggling with one or many of these. We often blame it on the multilayered difficulties/chronic stressors our job entails but what if it’s not...my case is a perfect example.

SERIOUSLY, VET MED..... familiarize yourself with some of the newest research and growing concerns surrounding the many clinical manifestations of this zoonotic disease. Please read

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Visit Galaxy Diagnostics Website for more information.

Image and statistical information attained at GalaxyDX.com

Check out the updated post on "Transmission". It gives an overview of newly discovered routes of Bartonella Transmission important for Veterinary Professionals and One Health


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