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Updated: Jun 16

Audio/visual reference list of trusted resources that I've found incredibly effective and full of Bartonellosis education.

I have referenced Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Brietschwerdt throughout this blog and it is no surprise that some of these resources are direct links to their teachings. Both are two of the leading experts in the field of Bartonella research, treatment and related syndromes. I have personally watched and listened to the media, some multiple times. Each time I continue to learn something new.

  1. Podcast discussing Bartonellosis research and disease profile: Highly recommend the first podcast listed on this web-page. It is 57 minutes in duration, content starts 6 minutes in. This really is an exceptional introduction to Bartonellosis (Dr. Breitschwerdt in 1st half and Dr. Mozayeni starts around the 29 minute mark to finish out the 2nd half). Dr. Mozayeni discusses Small Vessel Inflammatory Disease, Vascular Infections and Neurocognitive/CNS abnormalities. Interview via "The People's Pharmacy". There are two bonus podcasts that are also a REALLY great listen on this link, a more in-depth discussion with Dr B and Dr M discussing some of his patients!!

  2. Understanding Bartonella: This is a One Health webinar featuring Dr. Breitschwerdt and Dr. Mozayeni, 1 hour 45 minute two part lecture. Recently edited for better sound quality.

  3. Take Back your Health Conference: Lyme Disease and Medical Innovations In The Age Of Information, Dr. Mozayeni

  4. NorVect Conference (Nordic Network for Vector-borne Diseases): Link contains a multitude of lectures and discussions on various Vector Borne Disease. Scroll through to find the topic of your choice. Dr. Mozayeni and Bartonellosis is more toward the middle and end of page.

  5. Dr. Breitschwerdt discusses Bartonella species infections with Tracey Peake (ongoing global research efforts, the challenges with current test methods, and why accurate testing for these pathogens is crucial)

  6. Educational and humorous Video Blog by Jake Picker on Bartonellosis and MCAS.