Leaders in the Research and Treatment of  

Bartonellosis, Vector-Borne Disease, Small Vessel Inflammatory Disease and

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Galaxy Diagnostics

- Advanced Microbrial Diagnostics

- The Best in Bartonella Testing

- Team of scientists on the forefront of

  Bartonellosis led by Dr. Breitschwerdt and Dr.


Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, DVM, DACVIM  

- Expert and Primary Researcher In Bartonella

- Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease

- Adjunct Professor, Duke  Medical Center

- Director: Intracellular Pathogens Lab

- Director: Vector Borne Disease     

  Diagnostic Laboratory

- Founder of Galaxy Diagnostics

Intracellular Pathogens Research Lab

- Specializing in Vector Borne Disease

- Working locally, nationally and globally to

  attain optimal helth for people, animals and

  the envrionment 

- Focuses on zoonotic disease and OneHealth


Dr. Robert Mozayeni, MD
Translational Medicine Group

- Co-Founder of Galaxy Diagnostics

- Rheumatology, Internal Medicine

- Specialized in Small  Vessel Inflammatory


- Founder of FSID

Stephen Harrod Buhner
Expert in Herbal Pharmaceuticals

- Award winning author

- Expert on herbal medicine and its benefits      in specific pathophysiology of disease, like      bartonellosis. 

- Expert in Plant Ecology 

Foundation for the Study of Inflammatory Disease

- Research Specialized to Bartonella, Mast

  Cell Activation Syndrome and Brain Injury

Global Health Initiative

- Collaborative veterinary education,               

  transnational research and action to battle

  zoonotic illness

Global Veterinary Community

- Advance the health and welfare of

  companion animals while emphasizing role

  in OneHealth Movement 

Infection and Autoimmunity Research and Education Foundation

- Foundation focused on the connections 

  between autoimmune diseases and chronic


Mast Cell Action Logo.png
Mast Cell Action

- Organization founded to provide support,

  raise awareness, and help advance the

  diagnosis and treatment of MCAS

The Mast Cell Disease Society

- Leading the advancement of knowledge

  and research in mast cell diseases through

  education, advocacy and collaboration

Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD

- Nationally recognized physician with

  expertise in the fields of nutrition, allergy,

  environmental medicine, Lyme and other 

  complex presentations of Vector-Borne