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This website is intended to provide a central location for healing, encouragement for anyone silently suffering from chronic illness, disease awareness and a platform to improve my communication with friends and family.

This website is currently open to the public, so anyone can view this site. 


In order to post comments or messages of encouragement: 

Posting comments on a published post: You must login for security purposes. There is a prompt at the bottom of each Journal Entry to do so.   

Posting on Comments Page: no sign in or login necessary. To post/finalize your comment, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address for safety purposes. 

Subscribe: Your subscription will generate an email list of those who would like to receive updates.

In the future, I may consider more personalized emails rather than public posts. Your email will not be re-distributed or abused, it will only be utilized in relation to this website and my recovery

I am new to this type of platform, there may be some features I have no clue how to use but we will figure it out! Please let me know if any links expire!  My apologies for any technical difficulties 

Disclaimer: This website is designed to deliver a direct patient perspective concerning Bartonellosis with a complementary summary of the associated scientific research.  The information provided is compiled of information gathered through years of formal Doctoral training and through my own self-education by means of webinars, case reports and other publications.  I have tried to make it as accurate as possible but accept no liability for any possible misinformation.  It should not be used for self-treatment, nor am I recommending a therapeutic plan for humans.  My intent is to help and share information with other patients who might be suffering, information learned by researching aspects of my own disease. Please consult your doctor

No offensive

content. Be kind

Please respect my vulnerability

No spamming or political propaganda

Any inflammatory content will be deleted

Have compassion and be mindful

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