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Symptoms of Chronic Bartonella Experienced in Humans

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

In general, most patients suffering from chronic Bartonellosis will experience non-specific or vague symptoms (often described as 'flu-like') including headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, feet pain and poor concentration. As the disease and chronic inflammation progress, the symptom profile expands eventually impacting multiple body systems. Each patient presents differently, however most tend to experience some aspect of neurologic, rheumatic, immunologic and endocrine dysfunction. The chart below is a comprehensive list of possible symptoms associated with chronic Bartonella infections or Bartonellosis. It was assimilated overtime using multiple peer-reviewed publications, case reports, didactic lectures, conference proceedings and books (references attached). The breadth of symptoms is extensive (but not all inclusive) and serves as a perfect illustration of this intracellular bacteria's capability, true reach and powerful influence.

Symptoms of Chronic Bartonella
Chronic Bartonellosis
Bartonella Symptom Chart | Download
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Hallmark Symptoms:

As you can tell, most of the above symptoms of chronic bartonella do overlap with multiple other syndromes and disease processes. This is one of the many reasons why chronic bartonella infections are under-recognized. However, there are a few hallmark symptoms that can be a 'red-flag' and indication of Bartonellosis, especially when seen in combination with each other; some of these stand-out hallmark symptoms can include:

  1. Excruciating Feet Pain (in the soles of your feet)

  2. Shin Bone Pain (or deep bone pain along your lower leg)

  3. Skin Lesions or Striations (secondary to collagen disruption) that appear similar to stretch marks (initially bright red, then fading overtime)

  4. Shifting or Migrating Joint Pain (mainly in the medium and large joints) not typically associated with joint swelling

  5. Recurrent Soft Tissue Injuries

  6. New and Progressive Acquired Joint Hypermobility

  7. Neuropsychiatric Shifts (new anxiety, depression, bouts of unexplained rage)

  8. New (seemingly random) Allergic Reactions

  9. Eye Pain and Photosensitivity

  10. 'Flu-like Symptoms' (with or without a low-grade fever) that presents in a cyclic fashion, typically after a period of immune suppression or a stressful event (ie- a cold, trauma, surgery, etc).

Bartonella Symptom Chart References

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