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Bartonella | Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 19, 2023


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Bartonella FAQ | Feb 28, 2023 | Download
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This disease is incredibly difficult to understand and even more complex to navigate. This list of Frequently Asked Questions is not all inclusive and will be added to and updated accordingly as the research continues to advance and evolve; For now, here is what we currently know. I have done my best to accurately summarize the current literature in a causal format that is not overly scientific. Check back for new updates!

What is Bartonella?

Bartonella are a group of stealth, slow-growing, intracellular bacteria. To date, over 40 species have been identified, 14 of which cause human illness. Bartonella is best known for causing Cat Scratch Disease. This is usually self-limiting or resolves with short-course antibiotics. However, some of these infections progress into something more serious causing systemic disease known as Bartonellosis. The symptoms can manifest acutely or develop much later in life.

What is Bartonellosis?

What are Bartonella's important bacterial characteristics?

Which cells are Bartonella known to infect in the human body?

What are common syndromes associated with Bartonellosis?

What are Co-Infections?

Which co-infections are commonly seen with Bartonella?

Can you have Bartonellosis without Lyme disease or other co-infections?

Is it physically painful?

What are the symptoms?

Are there 'Hallmark symptoms' associated with Bartonellosis?

Why are symptoms variable from person-to-person?

What is meant by "host response"?

Can symptoms emerge or re-emerge?

Is it okay to use steroids when infected with Bartonella?

Which labs are the best for testing for Bartonella?

What is Galaxy Diagnostic's Triple Draw considered the best?

Does a negative result rule-out the possibility of a Bartonella infection?

What is the difference between IFA, PCR and Blood Cultures testing methods?

Which testing methods truly confirm active infection?

Is there a set protocol to treat Bartonella?

Are antibiotics alone the answer?

What is the difference between Rifampin and Rifabutin?

Why is Clarithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine often used in combination with Rifabutin?

Is Doxycycline an effective treatment for Bartonellosis?

Why is Azithromycin not recommend?

What is a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction?

Who is Stephen Buhner and what is the 'Buhner Protocol'?

Is Bartonellosis curable? What is the goal of treatment?

Could IV Glutathione help with treatment?

How is Bartonella transmitted?

What is a Vector-Borne Disease and Zoonosis?

Is there a chance I could transmit Bartonella to my baby during pregnancy?

How do I protect myself or my family from this disease?

Does this mean I need to give away my cat?

What other infections can occur from a cat bite?

What's the preferred antibiotic/treatment approach for a cat bite?

Where can I get my animals tested?

Should I treat my cat if they are positive for Bartonella??

Can chronic Inflammation cause Depression?

What are neuropsychiatric symptoms of Bartonellosis?

What are the best forms of Magnesium for Nervous System Inflammation?

What is the $500 off code for Radiant Health Saunas?

Check back soon for more updates

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What are Biofilm Busters?

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How does Bartonella injure the connective tissue?

What is hEDS? Can hypermobility be acquired?

What is an Autonomic Neuropathy or Dysautonomia?

Is Bartonella contagious from human to human?

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