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Dr. Julie Barter

Many people have reached out inquiring about my treating Doctor. 

I wanted to dedicate a page toward an introduction of her training and capabilities. 


Dr. Barter is truly exceptional, offering a comprehensive approach that is enriched by the recent literature and it's practical application!  After attaining her Doctorate, Dr. Barter further advanced her medical training by completing a multitude of Internships in Internal Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Gynecology and Acute Care for Underserved Populations.  She has been mentored and trained in Vector-Borne Disease by some of the most prestigious Physicians within this field.  Dr. Barter is also extensively trained in Physical Medicine, and Applied Kinesiology.  She holds Certificates in Botanical (Herbal) Medicine and Homeopathy, and is fully versed in pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Barter participated in NIH-funded research in molecular biology, immunology and neuroscience with an emphasis on pain in chronic illness.  Trust me when I tell you she is incredible.  Dr. Barter has extensive experience in managing and treating patient's with complex illness.  I am blown away with every consult.  I feel so blessed to have found her and have 100% confidence in her abilities.  It is an indescribable feeling to find a doctor who not only makes you feel taken care of - but thoroughly and comprehensively demonstrates and displays it in her medicine.  That type of care is a rare find and something I wish everyone could experience. 


If you are searching for a Bartonella Literate Doctor and are interested in getting a consult with Dr. Barter, her bio, contact information and a few FAQ's about becoming her patient are outlined below.   

I would highly recommend it! 


Best regard, 


Meet my Doctor 

"Dr. Julie Barter currently practices in Whitefish, Montana, serving the entire Flathead Valley as a natural medicine expert  She is family doctor who works with everyone from children to seniors. She specializes in women’s and children’s health, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, food allergies, digestive, hormonal and environmental concerns, and chronic illnesses. She is the area's only Lyme and mold-literate physician.

She has extensive experience in resolving most common health complaints using clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, and physical medicine for relieving aches and pains.  She is fully versed in pharmaceutical options when needed as well.


She enjoyed busy private clinical practices in Maine and Colorado before relocating to Montana.   She is a member of ILADS. (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and has mentored with some of the country's finest Lyme-literate physicians.

As a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, an accredited four-year medical school program, Dr. Julie Barter underwent outstanding clinical training. She completed internships in internal medicine, environmental medicine, gynecology, and acute care for underserved populations. Naturopathic medical school training was not enough to give her all the expertise she desired in physical medicine, so she also attended Western States Chiropractic College for all of her adjusting and biomechanics classes. She takes a special delight in physical medicine, completing over 1000 extra classroom and clinical hours in Applied Kinesiology. She also holds Certificates in Botanical (Herbal) Medicine and Homeopathy.  All in all, her formal medical school education encompasses 7 years of doctoral training.

Natural medicine is a second career for Dr. Barter, having worked in research at the University of Colorado, Boulder for nearly 10 years prior to entering medical school. She participated in NIH-funded research in molecular biology, immunology and neuroscience with an emphasis on pain in chronic illness. She managed the laboratory of approximately 50 researchers for five years, teaching others proper laboratory procedure and technique as well as equipment operation. This has put her in a unique position to be able to evaluate the validity and implications of scientific research on current medical issues.

Dr. Julie Barter has also been an avid athlete her entire life. She used to be an elite amateur cyclist, competing at the national level both on-road and off-road. She rode about 10,000 miles per year for over 10 years. These days she sticks to running, enjoying about 20-30 miles per week on both roads and trails. She takes an insider’s interest in helping other athletes to achieve their maximum potential and enjoyment in their sport.

She also finds great satisfaction in gardening, and finds the practice of natural medicine using herbs and homeopathic remedies derived from these beloved plants to be a very natural extension of her love and respect for nature" 
- Northwest Functional Medicine

Interested in scheduling a consult?

Check out these FAQ's to see if Dr Barter would be a good fit:

Requirements to become a patient with Dr Barter:

1. Positive IgeneX, MDL, Galaxy or Vibrant America's Lab Testing


2. Patients who are open to all forms of treatment, medications and alternative therapies is strongly preferred

What if I don't live in a state Dr. Barter can prescribe in?

Don't worry, there are options!!


It is important to understand that Dr Barter cannot prescribe medication in any other state except the 9 previously listed. 

For patients in all other states, you have the following options:

 1. Dr Barter works collaboratively with other physicians at her current practice, Bridge Medical. 


While you are in Montana for your initial visit with Dr Barter, It is strongly recommended that you also see her colleague, Dr John Lewison.  Dr. Lewison can prescribe in ANY state and his willingness to collaborate in this manner affords patient's access to therapy and Dr. Barter's expertise. . 

2. She is also open to working with a local physician (see next option)

Do I need to travel?


1. The initial consultation is performed in person at the Montana location.

2. While you are under Dr Barter's care, you MUST have ONE in-person visit per year (2 is strongly preferred but not required)

3. All rechecks (which typically occur every 2-3 months) can be performed via telehealth 

Does Dr Barter work with other physicians? What if I have a doctor willing to collaborate locally?


If you have a local practitioner who is willing to consult, collaborate and follow/prescribe Dr Barter's treatment recommendations. then Dr B is open to that. 


This is another means for those who live in states Dr Barter cannot prescribe in 

What states can Dr Barter prescribe in?

1. Montana

2. California

3. Oregon

4. Washington

5. Utah

6. Arizona

7. New Hampshire

8. Vermont

9  Maine 

Does Dr Barter accept insurance?

No, like most specialists in this field, Dr Barter does not accept insurance.


On a personal note:

While I know this is disheartening, I can personally tell you that Dr Barter is very cognizant of the many costs associated with these diseases and if you can find a way, it is the most important and rewarding investment you will ever make.



Dr. Julie M. Barter

Chart & Stethoscope

The Bridge Medical Center

5938 South Highway 93
Whitefish, MT 59937
TEL. 406-863-9300
FAX: 406-863-9301

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society is a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Vector-Borne Diseases.


After registering, you can search their physician directory here.

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